Training and Taming Your Corn Snake

Corn Snake can be great pets for those who take time to learn on how to properly take care of them. This chapter will give you a whole lot of tips on to be a great owner of a Corn Snake including points on how to properly tame them, handle them, and introduce them to people or other house pets as well. These things are essential in making your pet’s lifestyle as fun and wonderful as it can be. It’ll make you a better owner if you know your snake’s strength and weaknesses.

Getting Along With Your Snake

 Hatchling corn snakes are nervous and defensive. It is normal for them to hide or defend themselves, but they cannot really harm you. In fact, an overly excited cat can hurt you more than the largest corn snake!

Give your new pet a few weeks to settle into its home and get used to a regular feeding routine. Remember, snakes are also living beings that need to settle and get used to new spaces. Your snake may take some time getting used to you, so try not to stress it out with unnecessary handling.

After three or four successful meals and when you see that your pet has started getting used to its surroundings, you can start approaching your snake. Start handling it for short periods. However, do not handle it for the first two to three days after a meal.

Approach your corn snake from the side to avoid threatening it as a predator would approach it from the top. Gently but confidently lift it. Hesitation will scare your corn snake and will cause it to hide or bite. Use lightweight cotton gloves as long as you feel it is needed.

When your corn snake realizes you are not going to eat it, it will calm down and tame quickly. Eventually, it will become used to handling.

Tips on How to Tame your Corn Snake

  • When you get your new Corn Snake, just leave it for about five days or weeks or so that it can get used to its surroundings because when you get a new snake, it’s going to be a little bit feisty. They won’t feel like it’s a high more secure surrounding.
  • Make sure that you give your Corn Snake a plenty of hides because if it’s out and if you’ll give them a lot of space, it’s not going to feel safe for them because in the wild, they will go hide under the rocks, bushes, or wherever.
  • If you feed your Corn Snake, don’t handle it for at least 24 hours after feeding the snake. Give them time to digest their food because it is not a good idea if you handle it straight after you feed it.
  • When you feed your Corn Snake, feed it out of its enclosure so that when the owner put his hand on the snake’s cage, it won’t think that the hand is a food; thus, preventing to be bitten by your snake.
  • Another top tip when you want to handle and tame your Corn Snake is to just put and leave your hand on its cage so it gets used to your hand. In that way, your Corn Snake will know that your hand is not food and won’t try to hurt you.