Pros and Cons of Keeping Corn Snakes

Each snake breed is different. While keeping a corn snake is a good experience, it may not be for everyone. One must carefully assess the positive and negative things about keeping a snake, and the particular breed of snake they want to keep.

This section outlines the pros and cons of keeping a Corn Snake.


  • Docile and easy to tame, inquisitive and active.
  • Rarely bite, safe around children if supervised appropriately.
  • Easy and simple to take care of, only require feeding every 5-14 days depending on age.
  • Grow to a manageable size (5 to 4 feet on average).
  • Relatively cheap to buy and not expensive to feed.
  • Unlikely to get ill with appropriate care.
  • Trouble-free feeding and shedding in captivity.
  • Can live for about 15 to 20 years!


  • Not as receptive to humans as other animals usually kept as pets.
  • Cannot be taught to respond to their names and do tricks.
  • Corn Snakes, like most snakes eat rodents so they are not recommended pets for people who may not stand feeding.
  • Food only available in reptile shops and online.
  • Can live up to 20 years so they may be difficult to rehome.
  • Many people are afraid of snakes, so be prepared for guests who may not respond positively to your pet.