Ease and Cost of Care

Purchase Price: $30 or more

A basic corn snake would cost you around $30. Others sell hybrids or corn snakes with unique colors and shades, and these would usually cost you around $69 or more. 

Glass Aquarium: around $100

Get your corn snake a bigger tank so you won’t have to replace the tank when your baby corn snake grows bigger. You can get a glass aquarium enough to house an adult corn snake, and use a screen to seal the top. You should consider getting at least a 20-gallon long aquarium, and remember: one corn snake per cage!

Under Tank Heater (UTH): $25 to $30

An under tank heater controls the temperature inside the aquarium to keep your snake comfortable. It will cost you around $25 to $30, depending on the brand and price. 

Heat Lamp Setup: $50 to $75

Also serving as a heater for your snake, this set-up will set you back at least $50. You will have to change light bulbs often as they may go out after some time so expect to spend a little more. 

Bedding or Substrate: $21 or more

Many corn snake keepers recommend using aspen shavings as bedding for your snake tank. A bag of 24 Quarts of aspen shavings will cost you around $21. You can opt for newspapers which may be cheaper, but your corn snake will simply go under it. 

Caging Materials and Furniture: $25 to $50

Other materials and furniture such as the water bowl, branches, rocks, and more will cost you around $25 to $50. These will give your snake some hiding spaces which will help it to feel more secure in its home. 

Food: $10 to $12 a month

Your corn snake will eat mice weekly, so be prepared to spend for your pet’s food monthly. On average, an adult snake eats 4 to 5 adult mice a month. You may prefer to shop at local pet stores – which may cost you more but are convenient. If you do, it may set you back about $12 a month. Online, buying in bulk will cost you around 70 cents per mouse plus the shipping. 

Veterinary: $75 – $125

Your corn snake will not need a lot of visits to the vet – however, you still have to take it to the vet for a check-up every once in a while. Getting a corn snake checked may cost you around $75 or more.

 Emergency Costs: $800 to $1200

Even if corn snakes aren’t venomous, paying for the medical cost of a snake bike still isn’t cheap. While corn snakes are usually docile, you still have to consider the risk of you or someone else agitating it – of course, prevention is always better but set aside the cash just in case something happens. 

Overview of Expenses

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Purchase Price

$30 – $100

 (£24.66 –  £82.19)

Glass Aquarium



Under Tank Heater

$25 – $30

20.55 – £24.66)

Heat Lamp

$50 – $75

 (£41.09 –  £61.64)


$21 – $25

 (£17.26 –  £20.55) 

Caging Materials

$25 – $50

 (£20.55 –  £41.09) 


$10 – $12

 (£8.22 – £ 9.86)

Veterinary Care

$75 – $125

 (£61.64 –  £102.74)


$336- $517

 (£276.16 –  £424.92)